Workshop on “Waste to Energy in Vietnam 2016” (05/04/2016)

Waste management and energy generation from waste have become larger and hotter issues worldwide, especially in Asean countries.

Many years ago, waste to energy (WTE) has been recognized and considered as alternative energy resources.
Since being under industrialization process, Vietnam has to face with many obstacles such as energy shortage and environmental pollution due to overload waste. Waste is a potential energy source; however, about 80% is being processed by burying or burning outdoors, only 20% is processed thoroughly, being recycled or utilized for power generation.
On 14th and 15th March 2016, in Hanoi, Institute of Energy and Institute of Energy Economics, Japan co-organized a 2-day workshop on “Waste to Energy in Vietnam 2016”.
The seminar aims to share information related to RE current status, policies and Waste power plants in Vietnam and Japan as well as WTE technologies in Japan. Specialists from Institute of Energy, Urenco Hanoi, Hitachi Zosen, Nippon Steel, Clean Authority of Tokyo, EX Research Institute had presentations on the above mentioned issues. Those facilitate to expand the effective cooperation between Vietnam and Japan for WTE development.
The workshop started with the opening remark of Dr. Hoang Tien Dung, Director General of Institute of Energy. He said that “In Vietnam today, handling waste effectively and turning them into energy for usage is the concerned issue of all levels because it enables to solve the environmental pollution, decreases the landfill as well as helps to meet the national energy demand. The problem is which model and technology should be used. Besides, incentive mechanism and resident’s manner are also very important. Japan has advanced and state of the art WTE technology and their experiences are extraordinarily useful for Vietnam.”
The workshop continued with other reports and presentations from Vietnamese and Japanese experts. The 2-day workshop finished up with the panel discussion with the enthusiastic involvement of all participants.
Some pictures of the workshop:

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