Technical workshop on model-based Power sector scenarios and Energy outlook report for Vietnam (01/09/2017)

In the morning of 9th May 2017, together with partners Institute of Energy successfully held a technical workshop on Model-based Power sector scenarios and Energy outlook report for Vietnam in Moevenpick hotel Hanoi

The workshop was sponsored by Danish Embassy, Danish Energy Agency and chaired by General Directorate of Energy (GDE) of Vietnam. This is an event under the cooperation framework on low carbon transition between Vietnam and Denmark.

Balmorel is a commercial software and developed by the international consultant EA Energy Analysis (EA). It is used to support power system planning and operation in future. Institute of Energy as a key consultant in power planning, currently uses two another software, called STRATEGIST and PDPAD II for the same purpose. Mr. Tang The Hung, Deputy Director of Planning Department of GDE said that MOIT expects Balmorel would be treated as a new and alternative model with advanced features.
Basically, Balmorel is a comprehensive least-cost model for Investment optimization for power generation, transmission and Economic dispatch. The first version was developed in during the first year of this century and has lot of continuous improvements to this time. According to EA, Balmorel is able to simulate new policies, policy objectives, technologies and other considerations and adaptable with local data. It also has been used for many projects in different territories, including developed countries such as Denmark, United Kingdom and North America, etc.,
In Vietnam, Balmorel was started in July 2015, A draft version was developed and transferred in September 2015. Since then, in collaboration with Institute of Energy it is continuously updated and transferred to experts and officers from National Load Dispatch Center, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Electric Power University and Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam.
The Balmorel Vietnam uses results of approved Power Development Plan VII revised as the key input data. However, EA experts simulate a set of five alternative scenarios on Vietnamese power sector that includes No new coal after 2035, CO2 Cap, CO2 Price, High CO2 Price and Unrestricted.
The key results are alternative options on share of renewable generation to system, environmental policies and reliance on imported fuels.
In additional on behalf of Danish Energy Agency, Mr. Jorgen Hvid introduced the Energy Outlook report for Vietnam. It is expected to be completed and submitted to MOIT in September 2017. Mr. Jorgen also mentioned the upcoming Vietnamese/Danish Energy Partnership Program that includes activities in further energy modeling, power market and energy efficiency in industrial sector.

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