Exchange of experience on simulative calculation of impacts of wind power plants on electric power system (15/06/2012)

On two days, 7th and 8th of June 2012, Dr. Prof. Markus Pöller from Federal Republic of Germany worked at Institute of Energy on exchange of experience on and increasing capability for local consultants in study on impacts of wind farms to electric power systems. Two working days of Dr. Prof. Pöller at the Institute of Energy is a part of cooperation program  between Ministry of Industry and Trade and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in 2012.

Dr. Prof. Pöller is the leading expert of Germany in the field of wind power. He is also a member in development of standard IEC for integration of wind farms into power systems

Dr. Prf. Markus Pöller

Diagram f pwer netwrk in the area with cnnected wind pwer plants

Institute of Energy is selected as local consultant for the project “Assessment of impact of wind power plants to the power system”. Through presentation of initial results of study by Institute of Energy, Dr. Prof. Pöller highly appreciates study methodology, study results of impacts of wind power plants on load carrying capability of power lines, substations, voltages at nodes, electric short-circuited currents, electricity quality (harmonics and voltage flicker). Experts of the Institute of Energy also learnt much experience from operation of 30 GW – wind farm of FRG, method for simulation of new generation’s wind turbines and the way to determine economic indicators when making proposal of upgrading power transmission system for connecting wind power plants. Vietnam wind power potential is high. It is up to 1500 MW in Binh Dinh province alone. Development of clean energy sources such as wind power plants is the priority of the Government in the national power development plan for period 2011-2030. Study on impacts of wind power plants on power system is necessary with aim to manage investment in construction of power network and ensuring techno – economic indicators for wind power plants. “Your simulative calculation is what I expected from my visit to Vietnam this time” Dr. Prof. Pöller said as conclusion at the end of the working day.
 By  Nguyen Manh Cuong     
                                                                                               Institute of Energy



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