Director General Tran Ky Phuc receives Mr. Kari Kahiluoto, Finland Ambassador to the Institute of Energy (30/12/2020)

In the afternoon of July 13th, 2020, at the Headquarter office of the Institute of Energy, Director General Tran Ky Phuc met and worked with the delegation of Finland Embassy in Vietnam led by Mr. Kari Kahiluoto - Ambassador of Finland. Accompanying the Ambassador are Mr. Matti Tervo, Counselor of the Embassy of Finland, Mr. Le Dai Nghia, Senior Advisor of the Embassy of Finland and Mr. Pham Minh Thanh, Business Development Manager of Southeast Asia/Country Director, Wärtsilä Vietnam.

Director General Tran Ky Phuc receives Mr. Kari Kahiluoto, Ambassador of Finland
On the IE side, there were Mr. Nguyen The Thang, Head of Power System Development Department and Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong, Head of Personnel and Administration Department.
Director General Tran Ky Phuc warmly welcomed and thanked Ambassador Kari Kahiluoto to visit and work with the Institute of Energy. The Director General reviewed the outstanding achievements of IE in recent years, especially its strengths in research, advising, consulting on energy and power development plans and strategies.
Presently, the Institute is assigned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to prepare the National Power Development Plan for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045 (hereinafter referred to as the Power Plan VIII) and the National Energy Master Plan for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. The Institute has just collaborated with the agencies of MOIT to successfully organize the First Conference of the Power Plan VIII, presenting the initial research results on power demand forecast up to 2045 and the power source development program corresponding to the socio-economic growth scenarios and the targets of renewable energy integration.
Director General Tran Ky Phuc highly appreciated the visit of the Ambassador Kari Kahiluoto and emphasized that it may contribute to strengthening the friendship between the Institute of Energy and Finnish partners and businesses in particular as well as the diplomatic relation between Vietnam and Finland in general.
The Director General hoped that the Ambassador will continuously support and introduce Finnish businesses to cooperate, exchange and share experiences with IE in the field of energy and electricity.
Ambassador Kari Kahiluoto thanked Director General Tran Ky Phuc for the warm reception and expressed his impression on the development and achievements on the strategic and scientific and technological research of the Institute of Energy in terms of energy and electricity. The Finnish Government and businesses are very interested in participating in the development of Vietnam's power industry in particular and Vietnam's energy industry in general. The Ambassador hoped to collaborate with the Institute of Energy to soon organize a workshop on flexible power development research using LNG internal combustion engines in the Vietnam power system at an appropriate time.
Additionally, the Ambassador will actively introduce and adversite to Finnish businesses to cooperate with IE in terms of experience exchange, scientific and technological research, investment promotion for energy and power development, especially power sources supporting the operation of renewable energy sources in Vietnam's power system.
In response to the Ambassador, Mr. Nguyen The Thang, Head of Power System Development Department, Institute of Energy added: In addition to supporting renewable energy sources in the medium and long term period, flexible power sources, due to their rapid construction, will help to compensate for delayed power sources in the short term period. However, the development of flexible power sources also requires more intensive studies and calculations such as: power supply and demand balance in the short-term period, considering the scenarios of delayed power sources, considering the drought years, ...; plan to connect these power plants to the national power system; calculation and determination of power production cost and the impact of these power plants on the overall cost of the power system, ...
On the occasion, Ambassador Kari Kahiluoto and Director General Tran Ky Phuc agreed to hold a seminar to introduce some initial research results between the Institute of Energy and Wärtsilä Company on the ability to apply flexible power source in the Vietnam's power system. The workshop is expected to be held in August 2020 in Vietnam.

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