Approval of the National Power Development Plan for Period 2011-2020 with Perspective to 2030 (12/08/2011)

On 21st July 2011, The Prime Minister of the Government issued the Decision No. 1208/QD-TTg approving The “National Power Development Plan for Period 2011-2020 with Perspective to 2030”. This Plan was prepared by Institute of Energy, also shortly called as “Power Development Plan VII (PDPVII)”.

Map of Vietnam 500kV power system in 2030

The main develpment viewpints f PDP VII are:
1 - Develpment f Pwer Sectr shall be integrated int sci-ecnmic develpment strategy f the cuntry, ensuring sufficient supply f electricity fr natinal ecnmy and scial life.
2- Efficient use f dmestic energy resurces in cmbinatin with reasnable imprting electricity, fuels; diversificatin f primary energy resurces fr electricity generatin, fuel cnservatin and ensuring energy security fr future.
3- Step by step t increase electricity quality in rder t prvide electricity services with higher quality. Applicatin f electricity tariffs accrding t market mechanism aiming t encurage investment in pwer sectr develpment, efficient electricity use and electricity saving.
4 – Electricity develpment will be carried ut in parallel with natural resurce prtectin, ec-envirnmental prtectin; ensuring sustainable develpment f the cuntry.
5- Step by step t frm, develp cmpetitive electricity market with diversificatin f investment and electricity sale frms. The State will nly hld mnply f pwer transmissin netwrk in rder t ensure the natinal energy system security.
6- Develpment f pwer sectr is based n reasnable, efficient use f primary energy resurces in each regin; cntinuing prmtin f rural electrificatin, ensuring sufficient, cntinuus, safe supply f electricity t all areas f the cuntry.
Specific develpment bjectives fr cming perid:
-    Sufficient supply f electricity fr dmestic demand with electricity prductin and imprt f abut 194-210 billin kWh by 2015, 330-362 billin kWh by 2020 and 695-834 billin kWh by 2030.
-    Pririty is given t develpment f renewable energy resurces fr electricity prductin with share f electricity prduced frm renewable energy resurces increased frm level f 3.5 % f ttal electricity prductin in 2010 t 4.5 % in 2020 and 6.0% in 2030.
-    Average elasticity rati f electricity/GDP will be reduced frm 2.0 at present t 1.5 in 2015 and 1.0 in 2020.
-    Rural electrificatin prgram will be prmted in rural, muntainus and island areas s that by 2020, mst rural husehlds will access electricity.
The PDP VII has tw imprtant cmpnents: Pwer generatin develpment plan and pwer transmissin netwrk develpment plan.
The pwer generatin resurces will be develped in balance fr each regin: Nrth, Central and Suth, ensuring reliability f electricity n each reginal pwer system in rder t reduce pwer transmissin lss, sharing reserve capacity and effective peratin f hydrpwer plants in seasns. Investment frms will be diversified fr pwer generatin develpment in rder t increase cmpetitiveness, ecnmic benefits.
Pririty is given t renewable energy pwer generatin develpment (wind pwer, slar pwer, bimass pwer, etc.) s that ttal wind pwer capacity will be increased frm negligible level at present t abut 1000 MW by 2020, 6200 MW by 2030. Capacity f bimass pwer generatin will be increased t 500MW in 2020 and 2000 MW in 2030.
Pririty is given t develpment f hydrpwer plants, especially thse have multi-purpses such as fld cntrl, water supply, electricity generatin; ttal capacity f hydrpwer plants will be increased frm 9200MW at present t 17400MW in 2020. Study will be carried ut n putting pump strage hydrpwer plants int peratin, with anticipated capacity f abut 1800MW by 2020 and 5700MW by 2030.
Thermal pwer plants will be develped at apprpriate share, suitably t fuel supply resurces and their distributin: natural gas, liquidized natural gas (LNG), cal and nuclear.
By 2020, ttal capacity f pwer plants will be abut 75000MW, f which: Hydrpwer accunts fr 23.1%; pump strage hydrpwer 2.4%; cal fired pwer 48.0%; gas fired pwer 16.5% (f which LNG pwer 2.6%); renewable energy pwer 5.6%; nuclear pwer 1.3 % and imprted pwer 3.1%. By 2030, structure f pwer resurces is changed with increased share f cal fired pwer (t 51.6%), renewable energy, nuclear pwer and pwer imprt.

Pwer transmissin netwrk shall be develped in cmpliance with pwer sectr develpment strategy, natinal pwer develpment plan and ther lcal develpment plans; with aims t increase f pwer supply reliability, electricity lss reductin, ensuring favurable dispatch f pwer plants in rainy and dry seasns and dispatch f pwer plants in all peratin regimes f electricity market; fr cities, big lad centers, the pwer netwrk shall have higher reserve and flexibility , therefre, the pwer netwrks will be step by step put undergrund, reducing impacts n landscapes; there will be mdernizatin f pwer netwrk, research n applicatin f “Smart Grid” technlgy, equipments FACTS, SVC, mdernizatin f cntrl system.
500kV vltage level is the main super-high vltage fr pwer transmissin in Vietnam. Study will be carried ut n develpment f pwer transmissin netwrks at vltage levels f 750kV, 1000kV r by HVDC transmissin system after 2020.

Implementing cperatin prgrams fr inter-cnnectin f Vietnam pwer netwrk with pwer netwrks f cuntries in ASEAN and GMS via vltage levels f 110-220-500 kV.

Regarding electricity supply fr rural, muntainus and island areas, new investment in pwer develpment by expansin f the natinal pwer netwrk r develpment f lcal pwer surces will be made s that by 2015, 100% f cmmunes and 98.6% f rural husehlds will have electricity. Rural electrificatin will be prmted with aims t speed up industrializatin, mdernizatin f agriculture and rural areas. Rural electricity tariffs will be cntrlled in rder t ensure prper applicatin f electricity tariff plicy set ut by the Gvernment.

Ttal required investment capital fr the whle pwer sectr is abut VND 929.7 thusand billin fr the perid 2011-2020 (abut US$ 4.88 billins/year n average), f which 2/3 investment fr pwer generatin develpment and 1/3 fr pwer netwrk develpment.

PDP VII is the furth natinal pwer develpment plan prepared by Institute f Energy under the management f Ministry f Industry and Trade (previus plans are PDP IV, PDP V, PDP VI). This plan is an imprtant legal base fr ministries, sectrs, lcal authrities t carry ur management, implementatin f pwer develpment plans, cntributing in natinal sci-ecnmic develpment.

Eng. Nguyen Manh Cung
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